Directions in Active Networks

Kenneth L. Calvert, Samrat Bhattacharjee, Ellen W. Zegura, and James P.G. Sterbenz,
“Directions in Active Networks”,
IEEE Communications, vol.36 #10, Oct. 1998, pp. 72–78.
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Active networks represent a significant step in the evolution of packet-switched networks, from traditional packet-forwarding engines to more general functionality supporting dynamic control and modification of the network behavior. However, the phrase “active network” means different things to different people. This article introduces a model and nomenclature for talking about active network, describes some possible approaches in terms of that nomenclature, and presents various aspects of the architecture being developed in the DARPA-funded active networks program. Potential applications of active networks are also highlighted, along with some of the challenges that must be overcome to make them a reality.


Active network refernce model architecture, execution environment, EE, node operating system, NodeOS, active applications


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